$20 In My Pocket

Last Friday i spent my afternoon running around Goodwill with some friends. It’s odd to think about ‘charity shops’ in the UK, compared to the thrift stores of America. Goodwill is literally 10x the size of any charity shops in Leeds! I love thrift stores in America and even though it’s a little tedious to look through all the rails there are definitely some awesome finds to be had. A few weeks ago i managed to find  a denim shirt for $5 and so i was hoping i’d find some great finds this time around and i wasn’t disappointed. I bought an Abercrombie and Fitch Scarf and two sweaters for $15. Bargain!


The second sweater may not be exactly pretty but it’s SO warm and totally American with ‘Northern Wilderness’ on the front. It’ll be perfect for lazy days of homework when i don’t want to get out of my pajamas.

The whole time we were wandering around Goodwill, Macklemore’s song ‘Thrift Shop’ was in our heads so i have to share it with you. Plus i have tickets to see him live in April! Can’t wait.



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