Miserably Cold in Maine


When you see pictures like this one on your Facebook as soon as you wake up you know your day is just going to be horrible. Maine is lovely, don’t get me wrong, but with wind chills making it feel this cold, i certainly did not want to get up this morning.

Since coming to Maine in September i haven’t really complained about the weather; in fact I’ve been enjoying the remnants of snow that have been clinging to the ground for weeks, but this is pushing it. I knew Maine was going to be cold, i was warned about the winter weather but this cold spell is the coldest it’s been since i arrived and it is not pleasant. When the weather forecast tells you that frostbite can occur within 30 minutes of being outside in these temperatures, you know that’s just not right.

Thank goodness i don’t have to leave the building again today! I do, however, have a bunch of stuff to get done. Am i going to though? I’d much rather curl up in a blanket to keep warm.


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