And so it begins…

Semester two of my year in America is finally upon us. I’ve been slacking when it comes to blogging, but life has just been too busy – who am i kidding, I’ve just been lazy! Following my New Year’s adventures i continued my winter break journey by travelling back to Maine – and back to the snow –  to spend the week with my friend Katie. The week was spent shopping in Freeport, hanging out at her home with her family, and enjoying the weekend at her condo at Sugarloaf Mountain. It was a lovely week and a great way to relax before heading back to campus and back to the reality of student life.



It’s almost surreal to be back at UMaine and back to being in class. My schedule is so much better this semester and my classes so far seem much more interesting which i’m sure will help me keep up with the work this time around. It’s definitely good to be back in Maine too. I had a great time travelling over Christmas but Maine is my home away from home now. I didn’t think i’d fall so in love with a place so easily, but i think it’s hard not to when it’s this pretty in the winter.



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