Medieval Times… or just some guys in chainmail

I’ve been to many Medieval themed places in the past, whether it be castles, museums or jousting shows like the one i went to today in Lyndhurst, NJ, but none were as cheesy as this one. The concept is great, watch a jousting show in an arena whilst being served ‘authentic’ food, but the Americanisation of such an idea was just hilarious. Yeah consumerism and tourism plays a part.. yada yada, but the whole idea of forcing things down the visitors throat in order to make more money is something the American tourist industry does amazingly well. Here, buy a medieval headdress which just so happens to be adorned with synthetic ‘fluff’ made in China! Or a flashing beer stein glass!

Enough with the cynicism – my apologies! The show itself at Medieval Times was great fun. The horses performed well and the food was surprisingly nice for grub that i had to eat with my hands. Can’t really go wrong with roast chicken, ribs and massive potato wedges. Unfortunately the knight we were cheering for was the first knocked out of the competition but we had fun yelling and cheering for the cutest horses and the nicest colour & patterns of the Knights shields.

Photo from Medieval Times

My day was made today though by a trip to the very over the top bakery in Lyndhurst. Mazur’s Bakery was full with a very large array of cakes, pastries and cupcakes. It was almost impossible to choose, but i finally settled on a ‘Cocunut Lemon Cupcake’ and my gosh, it was delicious! Who knew such good taste could come from a cupcake. I also got to have a Cannoli, which i don’t think i’ve ever eaten before though i’m sure the parents could tell me otherwise. Apparently it’s an Italian favourite and what better place to taste one in America than in an area heavily populated by those of Italian descent. It tasted good, not really what i was expecting but tasty all the same, although i certainly do miss proper British cream fillings rather than the American fake stuff.


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