Must be Santa…

Christmas has now passed but man was it a good one. Many of my international friends were flying back to Blighty to enjoy the holidays at home with their family; i on the other hand am lucky enough to have family here in the U.S so i started a very long journey to New Jersey on the 17th of December. Two buses, one train and 13 hours later i made it from Bangor to Madison, NJ. I picked the worst day to travel since Maine suddenly got hit with the worst snow storms it had seen so far in 2012, but i made it safely…eventually.

Christmas has been lovely with my family even if somewhat different to a normal Christmas at home. I’ve seen The Hobbit at a dine-in movie theatre – Only in America, i swear! We visited the National History Museum in New York which was great fun, and it was lovely to pass through Times Square. Even a brief little trip to New York was worth it. I’ve tried Five-Guys Burgers & Fries, which only lives up to expectation since it’s apparently Brobama’s favourite place to eat burgers – and it reignited my love for Cherry Vanilla Coca Cola too! I really don’t know how i’m going to cope without these delicious things when i go back to England. I also enjoyed a very white Christmas – okay day after Christmas, but it’s the same thing! The winter storm that hit the East Coast was perfectly timed for Christmas and made it so much more fun since i got to go sledding with the cousin.

Of course, can’t talk about Christmas without talking about Christmas Day. Food was had – very different to my traditional Christmas dinner at home but delicious all the same. Really it was just nice to spend Christmas in a household with a child who still believes in Santa. I love our Christmas at home, but you can’t go wrong with some child-like family entertainment at Christmas time. Oh and Christmas Day Doctor Who – Loved it!




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