The semester draws in…

Back in September i wrote about which of my classes was becoming my favourite  and looking back i believe i was right, for the most part. I waffled on about my The U.S & Vietnam: A history class and even went as far as to say “i feel like i’ll enjoy learning about a subject that i’m not fully familiar with” How wrong could i be!?

As finals drew in i became increasingly nervous and worrisome over the amount of deadlines i had looming over my head. I had a very strong feeling that i was going to fail that damn Vietnam history class which only made me more stressed. I pulled through it, however, and got all of my work handed in on time, even if i didn’t particularly think it was my best work. All i knew was that i was glad the semester was over! Don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed my classes, but after a semester of intense workload, compared to what i’m used to back home, i was ready for all of my classes to just be done – fini!

A week went by, and lo and behold my exam grades were in quicker than i though. One B-, two B’s and one A- later and i was so happy that i’d passed everything. American college is a lot different to University back home, but knowing i could succeed without much effort made me feel so much better about next semester. I know what i need to do to be able to get the homework done and papers in on time, and i feel that if i push myself i’ll exceed my expectations of myself next semester.

Maybe this year will add some worthwhile marks to my degree afterall!



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