Holidays are coming

The 1st of December fell on a Saturday this year, and with the weather in Maine once again turning extremely cold we made the most of the first weekend of December. After much drinking and merriment  with my chums in York Hall we decided to walk around campus and down to the river at 2 am. Looking back it wasn’t the wisest idea as we were drunk and in close proximity to a frozen river which apparently was just too tempting. The night was hilarious though, and messing around on the frozen river was just as fun, even if i was too scared to go as far out as the boys did.

This weekend also saw the Christmas Tree lighting in Orono itself. We rarely venture into Orono so it was nice to be able to drive down and enjoy some festivities in the small town itself. The tree was nothing to write home about – in fact it was one of the smallest trees I’ve ever seen grace a village green, however the Christmas Spirit was out in full force when Santa arrived on a fire engine! It was nice to see, and the children there were so excited that I couldn’t help but begin to get excited that Christmas was soon around the corner.


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