Thanksgiving Break

Where to even begin with Thanksgiving? … Clearly this is yet one of those things i can tick of my imaginary bucket list – Celebrate Thanksgiving in America. Thankfully (Ha ha!) i was lucky enough to spend the holiday with the lovely Vallance Family, who are more kind and welcoming than any people I’ve met here so far – even upon arrival at their house Katie’s mother had already bought myself and all the Vallance children presents, which just instantly made me feel included.

The 5 day break from College was amazing, especially the day of thanks itself. Of course we started our day watching the Macy’s Day Parade which was just as cheesy and awesome as i expected it to be. With lots of good hearty food, and more of the Vallance family around, it was a great day. I had much to be thankful for, especially such good hosts, and even the opportunity to be in America for  the holiday. We ended the day the way it started, curled up in front of the TV, but this time watching the obligatory A Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.

Katie and I hurried to sleep at midnight for a quick three hour nap because we had Black Friday Shopping plans! Getting up to leave the house at 4 am was hellish but once we were in the car and on the way to the mall i started to feel a little more awake. All in all Black Friday shopping was a bit of a let down. The sales weren’t that great and since there was nothing i particularly wanted i didn’t feel like looking through every single rack just to pull out something worthy of a few dollars. I see the appeal of these sales, especially if you’re buying big items like TVs or i-pads, but the crowds and lack of sleep where not worth it for me, and i returned empty handed except for some makeup items that weren’t even on sale!

One the way back to campus on the final day of Thanksgiving Break, Katie and I decided to stop by the river to take pictures while the weather was reasonably nice – if a bit cold! The river has progressively been changing throughout my time at UMaine and it was nice to finally get some photos that show just how different it is compared to the first time i saw it.

Overall, Thanksgiving Break was amazing. It was filled with good people, good food and some ridiculous shopping hours but it was fun and a great break from all the school work i knew i was about to have to do before finals.


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