Breaking Dawn

The first midnight premiere that i ever attended was Twilight – Breaking Dawn part 1. It was an experience to say the least – an exhausting but fun experience. In England movie screenings at midnight are like any other screening. Movie theatres stay open late for die hard fans who want to brave the darkness to be the first of their friends to view the new movie. In America, however, it’s a little extreme.

Wristbands galore!

Some of my friends and I had planned for weeks to see Breaking Dawn part 2 at 10 pm the night of it’s release – Yeah American’s even do the time thing wrong – and so we had bought our tickets well in advance. They all told me that these screenings got a little crazy; people dressing up, extreme fans screaming, and crowds and crowds of people. Of course, as with most experiences so far this year, i wasn’t disappointed. After turning up at the movie theatre way too early for any sane English person and being given a wristband for entry, we finally entered one of around 6 screenings – Six! Who knew Twilight would be that popular at 10 pm? Many people had dressed up in costumes, and t-shirts adorned with Edward’s face. One middle aged man went as far as to wear a T-shirt with the slogan “Hold on tight Spider Monkey” – That one was a little disturbing, even for me! The creepiest, though, were the group of women dressed as the Volturi, doing what only can be described as patrolling the movie theatre – We certainly prayed they came nowhere near us!

The movie itself was awesome, full of what i loved from the books, and of course the well advertised plot twist. The audience wooed and hollered throughout the whole movie, and of course i added to this by yelling at every appearance of Charlie Swan-man i love that ‘stache! It was a great end to a saga that framed much of my teenage years, and it was a great experience to add to my year abroad, and one which certainly was the epitome of American Pop Culture.

In the screening


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