I cannot let October go by without mentioning Halloween. I have never been one to celebrate this holiday, have never been trick or treating and only occasionally have dressed up in costume. However, being in America it was only right to get involved in one of the nation’s favourite holidays. With Halloween in the middle of the week my friends and i made the most of the weekend beforehand to go to the events on campus. Whilst the dance party was a little disappointing our night was made in the haunted trails behind the rec centre.

It seemed like such a strange concept to begin with, but the university did itself proud. Walking through the woods in the pitch-black, dressed up with my friends, we assumed it would just be a few things jumping out at us as we walked the trail. After lining up and waiting our turn and hearing screams coming from the woods, we couldn’t help but feel a little anxious about it… and rightly so! So many people in costume jumped out at us; zombies, gravediggers, amputees and of course the chainsaw wielding madman! It was great fun and a perfect scary weekend.

Of course with the 31st being a Wednesday we didn’t have much time to do holiday related things on the day and so after classes a large number of us headed to our friend Katie’s family home and were welcomed by her family with candy, Chinese takeout and scary movies. It was so great to have the homely experience of Halloween. Her neighbourhood was filled with cars dropping off children for trick or treating and seeing the full array of costumes was so much fun. I can certainly see the appeal of the holiday now! One thing was definitately decided that night though… When Insidious 2 comes out i am not watching it!


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