Homecoming Weekend – 20/21st October

Homecoming weekend!!

Last weekend was super fun! Homecoming is something we don’t celebrate in the UK. Here in the US, although a little later at UMaine than most colleges, it’s a chance to celebrate coming back to college and a chance for alumni to celebrate. Homecoming meant a lot of sports events at UMaine so of course my friends and i, who call ourselves The Rowdy Crowd, went to the Football game and Ice Hockey game on the Saturday.

The Alfond on Hockey Day

The football game was the same as usual. Wet, cold and unsuccessful. UMaine may have lost against their biggest rivals, UNH but the game itself was still fun. The ice hockey, however, was so much more fun. PlayingS t. Lawrence, we may have lost, but it being my first ice hockey game i had a blast! The atmosphere was amazing as the student crowd had so many chants and dances to go along with the pep band who perform from the crowd. I definitely enjoy the game of ice hockey more than football. It’s more fast paced, and violent and just a great spectator sport, even if you can’t see the puck half the time!

Homecoming weekend then saw us going to our friend Nate’s house for another house party. This one was a little busier than usual but just as fun, and after a quick walk home i passed out and slept solidly!

Sunday saw a lovely trip into Bangor for lunch at Paddy Murphy’s Irish Bar. The food was great, and definitely soaked up all our hangovers! Overall the whole weekend was just great fun, and very busy. Homecoming weekend will definitely be a good memory of the year!


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