Weekends in Maine

It seems that i only blog on weekends, when i actually enjoy my time here rather then being riddled by the stress of homework and impending deadlines. This week was no different. Despite only having a 3 day class schedule after Fall Break this week has been one of the longest, most tedious weeks of my time in Maine. Homework was forever on my mind, and i just wanted to sleep all week. 

This weekend, however, was a lovely respite, and much needed! Saturday was a planned homework day, but after going to get food with a couple of friends we decided the weather was too nice to waste so we planned a trip to Orono Bog Walk, which is just what it sounds like. The bog was beautiful, and despite the chilly weather it was a nice trip out with friends to experience some more of Maine’s fall weather. I didn’t take my camera, but as one of my friends took his canon, i’m sure we’ll all have lots of pictures to remember how nice it was.

After the bog walk our group split in two, with most people going back to campus and the rest of us going to our friend Katie’s house to have dinner with her family, and to enjoy her outdoor fire. This actually made my weekend. It was so nice to be in a homely environment and her family were really welcoming and friendly, as was her dog!. Dinner was amazing compared to the food we’re all used to from the dining home, which made the trip to her house even more worth it. After dinner we sat around the fire outside, covered in blankets and drinking minty hot chocolate and making smores. 

It was genuinely just so nice to be outside, with good company and good food. We told silly jokes and just enjoyed the fall weather under the stars. It was most definitely one of my favourite days sine being here, and i hope to have many more like it. 


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