Parents hit UMaine

This weekend saw myself, and everyone at UMaine, on Fall Break from Friday-Wednesday, and with my parents in the States on vacation they picked the best time to come and visit me.

They drove to campus to pick me up on Friday, and after some catching up and a lot of food we hit the sack early in order to be awake early for our busy weekend. On Saturday morning we drove to Bar Harbor and spent a couple of hours exploring the water front and the little shops.

Bar Harbor was so pretty, and it was pretty warm so walking around town was a lovely morning well spent. We then drove to the visitor centre for Acadia National Park, picked up a park pass, and drove up to Cadillac Mountain to admire the views.

By this time it was a little hazy and driving up the mountain was a little treacherous when the car was suddenly surrounded by clouds!

We made it to the top with our hazard lights flashing and walked to the summit point. On a clear day the views are supposed to be stunning with a 360 degree view of the park and Bar Harbor area below, but we were lucky if we could see a foot in front of our faces.

Driving along the one way loop around the park was lovely though. It brightened up a little bit so we got some nice views on our stops on the route, and the foliage was lovely. Apparently it was peak foliage weekend, and you could definitely tell. My favorite stop was Sand Beach. The beach is small, but is hidden behind trees and rocky shores and is so pretty!

After so much walking and driving, we headed back to the hotel, grabbed a bite to eat and chilled out. Sunday we didn’t really have plans other than to do some exploring. We headed out after breakfast and took a drive into Bangor, mainly because i wanted to! We had a quick stop at the L.L. Bean outlet so i could buy a plaid fleece-lined jacket. It is SO warm, and i think i might just live in it all winter!

I forgot my camera so will have to wait to for pictures when my parents get home, but next we drove to Stephen King’s house. It’s a notorious spot for Stephen King fans and apparently it can get quite busy with tourists stopping to take pictures outside, but it was a quiet Sunday morning for us. We snapped some pictures outside the famous ‘bat gates’ and went on our way. The King’s probably weren’t in!

The rest of of Sunday was spent at Leonard’s Mill who was having a live history weekend. It was kind of neat to see some ways that people in the lumber trade used to live. There was axe throwing (I was terrible!), horse wagons and a whole cabin of taxidermy! It was a fun stop off though, despite the cold weather.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around, doing a spot of grocery shopping for me and eating too much food at a Texas Roadhouse. All in all my weekend with my parents was lovely, aside from the chilliest weather i’m yet to experience. I won’t see them again until June, so it was a little bittersweet being dropped back off at my dorm, but the first few days of my Fall break were lovely! … Now i just have a mountain of homework and exams to do.


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