Posted in October 2012

Homecoming Weekend – 20/21st October

Homecoming weekend!! Last weekend was super fun! Homecoming is something we don’t celebrate in the UK. Here in the US, although a little later at UMaine than most colleges, it’s a chance to celebrate coming back to college and a chance for alumni to celebrate. Homecoming meant a lot of sports events at UMaine so … Continue reading

Bangor Standpipe

Bangor Standpipe

After hearing from our friend that Bangor Standpipe opens just once a season for three hours each time, we took the opportunity to drive there and take in the views of the area. It was probably one of the last chances to get a good look at foliage colours before all the leaves fall, and … Continue reading

Weekends in Maine

It seems that i only blog on weekends, when i actually enjoy my time here rather then being riddled by the stress of homework and impending deadlines. This week was no different. Despite only having a 3 day class schedule after Fall Break this week has been one of the longest, most tedious weeks of … Continue reading