Football and Apples!

I love the weekends here at UMaine. After a long week of classes i am always excited for the weekends, even if i have no paticular plans, as soon as Friday hits i relax. This past weekend was no different, but my plans for the weekend were what made me more excited. Saturday saw the first home game of the American Football season, against the University of Albany. A group of us from York Hall decided to go together, and despite most of them bailing and leaving only five of us left until the end it was still a great experience – despite the rain and chilly weather!

Of course i didn’t understand most of what was going on but it was still fun to be immersed into a college pastime. We yelled whenever Maine had the ball and joined in with all the cheerleaders chants, and got generally rowdy! There were also fireworks after the game; it being the first home game and all. Maine may have lost 30-20 but the fireworks were lovely and all in all it was a fun experience, and i’m looking forward to another game this weekend. Let’s go Black Bears, Let’s go!

Sunday was a day i’d been looking forward too all week. Again a group of us from York Hall had planned a trip to Treworgy Family Orchards to go Apple picking and to go in the Corn Maze. We all piled into cars and drove over there, after a detour to Dunkin’ Donuts! The day was fabulous and the sun was shining; a perfect day for having fun in the outdoors. The corn maze was hilarious and we rushed around in teams trying to complete the puzzle. My team may have come last, but we had fun doing it!

We then spent the rest of our time there messing around in the pumpkin patches, picking apples, eating ice-cream and petting goats! It was a lovely day with a great group of people.


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