The things you see at Denny’s

Today has been one of the funniest days yet here in Maine. My roommate took myself and Ema to Walmart this afternoon, which saw us waste 2 hours of our lives wandering around looking for bargains and essential items we had left to buy. It was nice to be able to finish up buying everything we needed, and buying a second pillow. I know i’ll sleep good tonight!

I wasted my afternoon and early evening doing nothing but wandering around to peoples room, which was surprisingly nice as it gave me chance to talk to people i hadn’t officially met yet, and bond a little more with my floor neighbours. After much deliberation it was decided that we were all too tired for a second night out in a row and  i went down to the common room to see who was around… We ended up hanging out at York playing games, and genuinely pissing ourselves laughing for hours on end. I feel beyond lucky to have such good people living around me, who will easily sit at a table making up games with a ping pong ball to amuse ourselves!

As soon as it got to midnight and ‘quiet hours’ were about to start we all thought it best we end our rowdy game and depart ways for bed. Of course, we all became easily distracted as one of the RA’s suggested going to Denny’s. Myself and my fellow Brit had never been before and so jumped at the chance to have a late night run for food, so 7 of us piled into two cars and drove over to Denny’s.

Oh, what fun we had. There were drunk older women patting the heads of the guys in our group, an awesome waiter who was hilarious, and my fellow Brit asking, of course, very British questions like ‘what are sausage links?’ and when an extra cup of milkshake arrived… ‘What’s this for?’ as though he was getting an extra drink! We had our first taste of grits too, that our waiter Travis kindly brought us to try. It was okay even though it was just cornmeal and water, or so we’re told. It wasn’t great, but with butter and syrup it was kind of nice!

It was a genuinely great night, and you can’t really go wrong with good company, and breakfast food at 12:30am. I love America!


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