Campus Tour

Fellow international student, Ema, and I just returned from a lovely 2 hour walk around campus; thus sidetracking our work for the afternoon. A short stop for lunch in York dining hall and we then wandered to the front of campus, and down to the river since neither of us had been to the river bank yet. It was lovely to just spend some time in the sunshine for the afternoon whilst campus was relatively quiet.


We of course had to stop off at the ‘University of Maine’ sign and have the obligatory picture! A short walk past a few of the Fraternity houses, and onto the river. It was a perfect day for taking pictures by the river,and we met some very freindly Mainahs and their dog!



Campus really is quite beautiful in the sunshine, but i cannot wait to see the fall colours change and for winter to come too. Campus is going to change a considerable amount and i’m excited to see the contrasts between then and now. After spending some time at the river, and watching Ema chase squirrels we walked back past the sports fields to take some more pictures of the campus itself before walking back to York hall to actually get down to some work for the evening.



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