First Weekend in Maine

So this past weekend was my first official weekend in Maine. It was quite a busy one, but i really enjoyed myself!

Thursday saw the official welcome BBQ from the Multi-Cultural & International Offices on campus. It was great fun to just spend the afternoon hanging out with  fellow international students and getting a chance to meet even more people! Its nice to find  group of people that you have a common bond with, being in a completely alien country.

Friday afternoon was the same, it was the first ‘Coffee Hour’ by the ISA which was another chance to catch up with all the international students and plan our weekends together. Friday night turned out into quite a large group of us going out. We headed out to a friends house for a ‘small’ get together which ended up about 25 people in his small apartment, playing beer pong and doing shots. Beer pong was certainly an experience. I’d played before with spirits, but playing with beer, which i don’t usually drink, wasn’t exactly my idea of fun, although i did make the winning shot! We then headed out to ‘Bears Brew’ for an 18+ event so that those underagers could come out with us too. It was great fun, until i got sick and had to come home, thus ending my night and any recollection of the time i spent in the bar. But from what i hear, it was a good night.

The rest of the weekend was quite relaxed, getting work done and hanging out in the common areas, watching TV and playing ping pong. Overall it was a good weekend and i’m sure the first of many hectic ones. Getting back into the swing of reading and homework is proving a little difficult since i haven’t had regular daily homework since sixth form, 4 years ago!


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