First Classes

As of today i’ve officially had one lecture in each of the classes i enrolled in. I am really excited to get into the full swing of lectures since these classes all seem like they’ll keep my attention for the full semester.

My first class, The U.S & Vietnam: A history, is a little daunting but i feel like i’ll enjoy learning about a subject that i’m not fully familiar with. The lecturer seems nice, although somewhat difficult to understand, but he said he liked Yorkshire Ale!

My other classes, Womanhood in America and Coming of Age in America, are probably tied as my second favorites so far, just from reading the syllabus. Both professors seem great and really engaging and i’m looking forward to all the aspects were expected to cover, especially in the lit class, as i haven’t read any of the novels.

My favorite class, i can just tell is going to be The American South. I know very little about the Southern States and only brief amounts of the history of slavery and the KKK so i am thoroughly looking forward to studying those in more depth and looking at the culture of the South. The lecturer seems great and the class all seem lovely. A possible dissertation topic may even arise from this class!


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