Catch Up

So i haven’t managed to be online much since it’s been a little hectic to say the least.

UMaine is a lovely campus and i am thoroughly enjoying orientation week. I think i lucked out by having some amazing people in my hall who are just so friendly. It’s making the transition into American college life so much easier. Some of my room neighbours and myself just played Monopoly and Ping Pong for hours in the commons room, but having such a good laugh doing it just makes me feel so at home in my accomodation. Even if i left my room at 8am and didn’t go back into my room until midnight! Not everyone is moved in yet though since my hall is predominantly upperclassmen, but come Monday the hall will be full and my roomate will be here, which i’m excited for!

I’m all signed up for classes too, which i was worried about since i wasn’t enrolled in any when i arrived, but i am set to start classes on Tuesday. I opted for 3 American History classes and an American Lit class, so i’m looking forward to that. 

I feel like i’ve absorbed so much information in the past few days, and i’m struggling now i’m sat down to even begin to process the information in order to write it down. So maybe in the next few days i’ll be able to write down everything that’s been going on, hopefully!


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