Almost in New England.

Ever since starting my American Studies course at The University of Hull, the prospect of studying my third year in an American university has been both daunting and exciting. From day one the looming, third year abroad became a reminder of why many of my fellow classmates and I chose to study American Studies in the first place, but it also became an encouragement to continue studying.

After much hard work, planning, decision making and waiting!; the year abroad is finally upon me. Ever since finding out on December 9th 2011, that i would be spending a full academic year studying at The University of Maine in Orono, this day has been on my mind. From VISA interviews (painfully boring!) to constantly googling Maine (major distraction!) a lot of time has been spent wondering about what 2012/13 may hold for me. I can safely say that now the new week sees me stepping foot in America on my own, i am partly terrified, but mostly excited.

Tomorrow will see me packing my bags, checking my paperwork one last time, and sleeping early to prepare myself for my 5am alarm on Tuesday morning. At 10:20am (all being well) my plane will depart from Manchester airport and i will be waving goodbye to England until Summer 2013!


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